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TLR Fan Feature (8): Favorite Scenes from the Angelfire Series

Today, Samantha is here with us again as she shares with us some of her favorite scenes from the Angelfire series!

About Samantha:

Hey y'all! My name is Samantha, but I go by Sam, or any other nickname of the name Samantha! I love my middle name way more though, which is Rose! I am currently a high school freshman. I love to read and hang out with my friends! :) I want to go into publishing, editing, or anything to do with books when I get older. My mom read to my brother and I when I was younger and I think that was where I got my love of reading!

Here are a few little facts about me:

• I read up to 4 books a week! If I can!
• I am slowly going insane... I blame my friends
• My goal is to be in yearbook by the end of next year
• I love chocolate!
• If you give me books or food, I will be your best friend. Especially if it has caramel in it.
• If you asked what my favorite book is, I couldn't possibly tell you!
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I am here to share some of my favorite scenes today with you guys! I only have Wings of the Wicked with me, but out of all the amazing scenes in the book, I have picked out three. Only three, and there all towards the end of the book so bear with me and make sure to stop reading now if you haven't had a chance to read Wings of the Wicked! :)

Scene 1:
Cadan at the park with Ellie. Even though I don't like Cadan as much as Will, he has some pretty awesome scenes in this book. I love the way Moulton wrote his character and how she has developed him.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this scene!

Ellie is talking to Cadan when he first sees her at the park.
"That was an order. I wasn't asking for your opinion."

"That doesn't work on me, love. I'm not your Guardian."

"Thank God for that."
Ellie has finally gotten over her anger at Cadan & is starting to vent.
"I've managed to make Will hate me," I grumbled. "I'm sure my grandmother thinks I'm a delinquent. Lauren is petrified of me, and Nathaniel thinks I'm going to snap and kill them all... which I probably will."

"Nah," he said. "You're not crazy."

I huffed. "You haven't seen me at my worst."

"Don't speak too soon."

He smiled. "We all have our imperfections."

"Most people's imperfections don't involve going berserk and trying to kill the people they love."
Cadan confessing his love.
"What could be worse than being in love with your enemy?"

"Acting on it." 

Scene 2:
Ellie making Will's birthday cake. I think it is so sweet how she decorates it. She could've just left it as a plain white cake, but no. She pimps it out! And, well, it turns out awesome! :)

And the decorating begins.
"I also bought some icing tubes to scribble all over Will's birthday cake, but once I got to decorating, I decided I didn't want to make some boring cake. I wanted to create something that make him laugh. Lauren sat across from me at the kitchen table as I kinda dre snarling stick reapers with angry eyes and sharp, gaping mouths on their bubble heads and outspread wings, all surronding a figure in the middle who was supposed to be Will. The stick Will didn't look much like real Will, so I dabbed on a pair of green eyes, outlined him a pair of wings, and painted a sword in his hand that wasn't quite as fancy as the real thing. Then I took the red icing tube and splattered the whole cake with it until it was a freaking massacre of  frosting stick reapers." 
 Will sees the cake! :)
"As soon as Will saw the cake, he burst out laughing and shook his, running a hand through his hair. His cheeks were beginning to buzz with red and my heart lifted. 'Ellie, what is this?'

I kissed his cheek. 'Happy birthday, old man. I didn't put all the candles on your cake, because it'd end up being a bonfire in my Nana's kitchen. And I know you don't like cake, but I like cake and I'm pretty sure Lauren does too.'"

Scene 3:
Ellie has the best friends and the best boyfriend ever. After all the crap Ellie has gone through she wasn't ready to go to a prom, or had any idea that her best friends and Will had made everything possible for her to go. I thought it was sooo sweet what they did for her. She deserved it. 

Awww, Will! :)
When I opened the door, my heart kicked in my chest. Will stood there in the doorway, dressed in a sleek tuxedo, a corsage in a plastic container in one hand and a long garment bag in the other.

"Don't be mad" was the first thing he said. He really was terrified, as if the most frightening reaper on the planet was no scarier than a mouse, and yet put him in a tux and it was the Apocalypse.

The noise that came out of me was some kind of freakish, embarrasing cross between a laugh and a sob. I could barely breathe and, as a result, could barely speak. "I'm not mad, Will."

"It was my idea," he rambled quickly and nervously. "So don't yell at Kate, but she helped me a lot. She got two tickets for you weeks ago, because she knew you still wanted to go even though you told her you didn't. She helped me pick out a dress for you the day before yesterday, and she made sure I wore something that fit me. Honestly, she scares me a little. I tried to do this right for you, so please forgive me if I did something wrong."
The rest of this scene is Will being the guy that every girl in the world wants! :)

I hope y'all enjoyed these scenes! :) Go read the books! Now!

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  1. I absolutely love all of those scenes. Now I have nothing to pick...
    Actually, there's still Cadan's library scene. =D
    When I first read the prom scene, I literally squeed, earning many odd looks.
    Great picks, Sam!


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