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TLR Fan Feature (12): Theories About Shadows in the Silence

Today's post is all about Shadows in the Silence, the final book to the Angelfire series. Nicole shares with us what she thinks of the cover and the title. Also, she will be sharing with us her theory as to what will be going down in the conclusion to the amazing Angelfire series.

*Note: The title and cover for book three was recently revealed last week but I had ask the fans what they thought the title and cover were going to look like before the reveal happened.

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We were asked what we thought the third book would be titled and what the cover would look like. Well, since it's already titled... I love the title Shadows in the Silence. It's really provocative. But the cover doesn't go with it at all, mostly because I was expecting a much darker cover. The title has shadows in it after all, and I get the feeling this is going to be the darkest book of all the Angelfire series. So I love the title, but I think at least the background of the forest could have been darker. Maybe at night. That would have been cool.

I really don't know what's going to happen. I know that CAM is going to rip out our hearts and souls before this is all over. She knows what we want most, and she's going to make us suffer before she gives it to us and even then it'll be in pieces. There's also going to be a showdown between good and evil that not everyone is going to live through. But without Will, I'm not sure how well that's going to turn out. Ellie will be a force to reckon with to be sure, but she'll also be distracted. I guess it just really depends on how far CAM will make us suffer before she cures Will. Either way, it's going to be awesome and beyond heartbreaking.

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  1. Yes, the cover is not what I was expecting, too. Not nearly as "dark" and shadowy as expected. But I am sure that, after reading the book, it will be fitting and appropriate. :)


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