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TLR Fan Feature (5): Interview with the Fan

I got the chance to interview Teresa about some Angelfire related things. As a huge fan myself, it was really super awesome to kind of get inside the head of all these other fans!

About Teresa:

Teresa is a 22-year-old who just finished up her Master’s in accounting. One of her main joys in life is devouring a book in one sitting. She is of the belief that reading a good book is 10 times better than watching anything on TV, with perhaps the exception of True Blood. Her favorite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. When she isn’t reading or studying for the CPA Exam, she is most likely playing golf. She enjoys listening to music, particularly bands like Marianas Trench and All Time Low. She has a crazy love of dogs and cannot remember a time in her life without one. Tootsie rolls are her obsession and her favorite color is green.
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TLR: In one word, describe Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked (if you’ve read it).
RLATL: Heavenly – please excuse the slightly cheesy, but appropriate, pun.

TLR: What did you think of Courtney Allison Moulton’s (CAM) twist on the angel mythology?
RLATL: I find her twist to be very different and intriguing. I really like that Gabriel is a girl in her books, because in most cases Gabriel is depicted as a boy. I also like how she shows how the good and bad lines can blur; there really isn’t a good and an evil. Cadan is supposed to be evil, but he helps Ellie. Michael is supposed to be good, but he causes problems for Will and Ellie. You can’t really guess what is going to happen, because Miss Moulton has taken angel mythology and made it her own.

TLR: What are two books you would recommend to Angelfire fans?
RLATL: If you loved Angelfire then you will definitely love Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Providence by Jamie McGuire. Those are two of my favorite books and both center around some sort of angel-lore.

TLR: If you went out to hunt with Will, what would your outfit look like?
RLATL: I like to think my outfit would perfectly combine style and use. I picture black jeans, black tank top, combat books, and finished off with a black leather jacket. Of course my hair would have to be pulled back so it doesn’t get in my way while fighting. I would also include a belt, just in case I need to clip something on it, or even use as a weapon as a last resort.

TLR: Would you choose to be an angelic or demonic reaper? Why?
RLATL: Angelic Reaper because I am not a fan of people burgers. Also while being bad can be fun, you never really get to relax. In this situation I would like to be on the good side. Plus Will is an Angelic Reaper, so enough said there.

TLR: If you were a reaper, what color would your wings be?
RLATL: Hot pink, because I like to stand out.

TLR: Besides swords, what other weapon would you choose to use to fight/kill reapers with?
RLATL: After seeing The Avengers, I am slightly obsessed with Hawkeye, so I think it would be pretty cool to use a bow and arrow. I think that could be useful in kicking reaper butt.

TLR: If you had just found out that you were the Preliator, how would you have reacted?
RLATL: After the initial shock of “this can’t be real” I probably would have been pretty excited. I mean it isn’t every day you find out that you are basically an Angel, that has got to be an ego-booster. Plus, I would get to have Will as a Guardian. I really don’t see a problem here.


This or That: Angelfire Edition

TLR: Strawberries or carrots?
RLATL: Strawberries

TLR: Nathaniel or Marcus?
RLATL: Marcus

TLR: Hair up or hair down?
RLATL: Hair up

TLR: Green or blue?
RLATL: Green

TLR: Winter or Summer?
RLATL: Summer

TLR: Angelfire or Wings of the Wicked?
RLATL: Wings of the Wicked

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