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TLR Fan Feature (4): Theories About Shadows in the Silence

Today's post is all about Shadows in the Silence, the final book to the Angelfire series. Teresa shares with us her theories as to what the title will be, how the cover will look like, and what will be going down in the conclusion to the amazing Angelfire series.

*Note: The title and cover for book three was recently revealed last week but I had ask the fans what they thought the title and cover were going to look like before the reveal happened.

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The moment I finished Wings of the Wicked, my brain immediately filled with a bunch of theories for the third and final Angelfire book. I came up with different plot lines, book covers, and titles. While Courtney Allison Moulton will probably take me completely by surprise, I still would like to share my thoughts with you. You will notice that one thing is prevalent in all of my thoughts, and that is Archangels. Also, as a warning, you might not want to read this post if you have not read Wings of the Wicked yet. 


While I really cannot make any guesses as to what the title will be, I do think it will have something to do with Archangels. For all I know it will simply be Archangel or The Archangel Gabriel or just Gabriel or on a funnier note Ellie and Cadan's Adventure to Save Will; In Which Ellie Embraces Her Inner Archangel. Okay, not the last one, but my point is that I think Ellie's Archangel side is definitely going to play a large role. In the last book it was hinted that Ellie may have to embrace her Archangel side. If this is the case, then I feel it is possible that it will play a prominent role in the title.


As for the cover, it will most likely follow the theme of the previous two books. It will feature Ellie alone, however I think that for the third book Ellie will be facing forward. On the cover of Angelfire, Ellie is seated, to me this signifies that she is preparing to take on her Preliator role. The cover of Wings of the Wicked has Ellie facing the back and looking over her shoulder. To me, this shows that she has begun to take on her Preliator duties, but is still looking back to her past and reluctant to leave it behind. Therefore, I believe that the third book will feature Ellie facing forward and signifying that she is fully assuming her role as Preliator and is ready to face her enemies head on.


Now for the big question! What exactly is going to happen in the final Angelfire book?!?! Well here are my thoughts as to what I think will happen. If you read Wings of the Wicked, then clearly you know that it is probably going to be a lot of Ellie and Cadan, at least in the beginning. Ellie and Cadan are going to go off and search for a cure for Will. They WILL find a way to save Will, because I simply refuse to accept anything else. If Will does not survive, I may have to throw the book across the room. While Ellie and Cadan are off on this adventure, the reader is going to get a much better look at Cadan. I also think Ellie may have some confused feelings over Cadan and Will, and really who could blame her. Both Will and Cadan are wonderful swoonworthy characters. However, in the end, she will choose Will because they are simply meant to be. After Ellie and Cadan save Will, Ellie will be forced to embrace her Archangel side in order to stop Sammael. While Ellie tries to avoid it, she is clearly an extremely powerful Angel. If she were to embrace her inner Archangel, I think it will be easy for her to defeat Sammael, and in essence save the world. I also think that Michael may be an issue for Ellie and Will. He is not going to be happy about their relationship, and while I do not know how this will play out, I definitely think it is going to cause them some grief. However, I do think Ellie is up to the challenge that is Michael. All in all, I am hoping for a happily ever after, but one that is realistic (as realistic as a book about Angels and Reapers can get). I do not expect everyone to come out unscathed and I do expect to shed some tears.

I hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts for the third and final book! I personally cannot wait to see what Miss Moulton has planned for us! How many more days?!?!


  1. Brilliant. I love the cover ideas, Teresa. You're psychotic! (Wait. That's the word, right? For having intuition? Cuz I get called psychotic all the time...)

    ~Riv Re
    Riv Reads

    1. hahaha thanks! Psychotic is deff the right word lol. I was so shocked when I saw the cover and was like whoa I was actually right, look at that.


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