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TLR Fan Feature (2): Favorites from the Angelfire Series

Today, Teresa is here with us again as she shares with us some of her favorites from the world of Angelfire.

About Teresa:

Teresa is a 22-year-old who just finished up her Master’s in accounting. One of her main joys in life is devouring a book in one sitting. She is of the belief that reading a good book is 10 times better than watching anything on TV, with perhaps the exception of True Blood. Her favorite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. When she isn’t reading or studying for the CPA Exam, she is most likely playing golf. She enjoys listening to music, particularly bands like Marianas Trench and All Time Low. She has a crazy love of dogs and cannot remember a time in her life without one. Tootsie rolls are her obsession and her favorite color is green.
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So this post compiles some of my favorites from the Angelfire series, and believe me there are a lot of them, but I tried to narrow it down a little bit.

Favorite Scene:

Choosing my favorite scene in the Angelfire series was not an easy decision to come to. There are just so many scenes that I absolutely love. After a lot of internal debate, I finally decided that my favorite is during Chapter 17 of Wings of the Wicked. This scene is a bit spoilery, but it is the scene where Will finally decides to act on his feelings for Ellie and stop trying to deny them.

I wiped at my face, choking on the taste of salt in my tears. “It still… it’s not fair. What if next time I’m with a boy I like?”
                “I won’t be able to bear it.”
                “What will it be, Will?” I asked, my voice rising as I fought my tears. “Are you going to storm in and claim me then too?”
                His jaw and lips hardened. His
fist, resting on the counter, tightened until his knuckles turned white, as if the war that waged within him grew more violent and he was trapped in silence. His brow darkened and he shook his head, his eyes flashing bright, glued to mine.
                “I’ve already claimed you,” he said, and grabbed my hand. He stood and yanked me into him, and his mouth crushed against mine as his other arm wrapped around my waist. His touch erased the memory of Brian’s burning hot hands on my body, and I let Will’s presence surround me. I threw my arms up and around his shoulders and stood on my tiptoes just to get a little closer to him.
                Then my heart twisted and broke. I shoved him away. “No!”
                “You’re driving me insane!” I cried. “I can’t take this push and pull anymore. You kiss me and then you won’t kiss me and then you do. It’s not fair! It’s got to be one or the other Will!”
                His body locked up again, and he stared at me. After a long, agonizing minute, he spoke. “What do you want from me? Anything. It’s yours.”
                My lips quivered, holding back a sob. “Do you even have to ask?”
                He didn’t respond and we returned to that face-off state.
                “Will,” I said breathlessly. “I just want you. Five hundred years you waited to tell me you loved me, and as soon as you do, you tell me you can’t because Michael will take you from me. Why is loving me so wrong?” I stepped toward him and ran my hand down the solid muscle of his arm and hooked my fingers around his. “You know how right this is, how right we are. I don’t care what I am in some other life. I was an archangel. I was Gabriel. I am Ellie now, Will. This body is human. I feel human. I don’t want you to treat me like I’m untouchable, because I’m not. I want you to touch me. I want to be yours.”
                He closed his eyes and his forehead touched mine. “I’m so sorry for everything. I never wanted to hurt you or make you doubt me. I need you to trust me. I need you. And I love you. I want you. You know I do. I’ll never stop doing any of those things until the day I die for you.”
                I closed my eyes and took a painful breath at those words. It was a possibility that I had for so long refused to acknowledge, the possibility that he would die defending me, just as every one of my past Guardians had. I felt their losses greatly in my heart, but the idea of losing Will hit me to my soul. I opened my eyes once again to meet his beautiful emerald gaze.
                “You told me yesterday in my room that this is me, who I’ve always been, but I don’t feel that way,” I said. “Is it me that you love, or is it Gabriel?”
                He looked so sad in that instant. “I love this beautiful thing inside of you that makes you human. Your soul, your fragility, your human passion. None of that is Gabriel. It’s all you, Ellie.”
                My lips quivered. “If I wasn’t human, would you still love me?”
                He gave me the smallest smile. “I’d still love you forever.”
                “You know I’m yours,” I whispered, and kissed him softly. He let me step into him without resistance.
                “And I’m yours,” he said. “I always have been and always will be.”
                                                                                -Wings of the Wicked, pg 151-153 (nook eBook)

This scene is my favorite because we see some of Will’s humanity. While he has been trying to do the right thing and keep his relationship with Ellie professional, in this scene he realizes that this is simply not possible. We see him crack a bit and see past his hard exterior. We also get to see, once again, how strong Ellie is. She practically forces Will to make a decision. As much as she loves him, she lets him know that she cannot deal with the hot and cold messages anymore and that Will needs to decide. I think the scene concludes on an incredibly sweet note and I really just adore it.

Favorite Character:

Now the easy choice for favorite character is obviously Ellie, Will, or Cadan. However, I am going to be different and pick someone kind of out of the blue; Nana! Even though we have not seen much of her yet, from the moment she popped up in the books, I absolutely loved her. She was such a strong lady and it was nice for Ellie to finally have someone to talk to. She is understanding and kind and the kind of Grandmother anyone would be lucky to have. I sincerely hope to see much more of her in the next book.

Favorite Quote:

This was a category that I just could not narrow down, because there are just so many quotes I love. So here they are:
"I hate when you die. It destroys me. I know I have no right to be upset, because I'm not the one losing my life, but it breaks me apart inside. I'm not very good with words, and I don't know how to explain to you how I feel. I get lonely when you aren't with me. I miss you. And every time you die, a little piece of me dies with you."
-Angelfire, Will 
"What are you,Will? How can you move that fast?" "I'm your Guardian." "No, I mean besides Batman, what is your species?" "I'm immortal." "Never mind," I said impatiently. "I already know what you are: obnoxious. I'm going to change into some fresh clothes." 
-Angelfire, Will and Ellie
"I exist only to serve and fight by your side. Whether that fighting is to preserve your life or to make sure you smile, that is what I am built to do. You're all I have, and I will watch over you forever." 
-Angelfire, Will
"Seeing your smile brought me back to life and killed me again at the same time. I felt like I had to tell you, after all these centuries, how much you meant to me, how much I have always loved you, in case I lost you again and you never came back - In case I never got to say it to you at all." 
-Wings of the Wicked, Will

Now while I love all of those quotes, my absolute favorite comes from Ellie. It just captures how much Will truly means to her and is beautifully written. 

Well, that is it for my favorites. Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did putting them together! 


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