Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TLR Fan Feature (7): The Battle for Ellie's Heart

Today is Samantha's second day featured here on TLR! She is here to discuss with us why she thinks all of you should be Team Just Call Me Will. ;)

About Samantha:

Hey y'all! My name is Samantha, but I go by Sam, or any other nickname of the name Samantha! I love my middle name way more though, which is Rose! I am currently a high school freshman. I love to read and hang out with my friends! :) I want to go into publishing, editing, or anything to do with books when I get older. My mom read to my brother and I when I was younger and I think that was where I got my love of reading!

Here are a few little facts about me:

• I read up to 4 books a week! If I can!
• I am slowly going insane... I blame my friends
• My goal is to be in yearbook by the end of next year
• I love chocolate!
• If you give me books or food, I will be your best friend. Especially if it has caramel in it.
• If you asked what my favorite book is, I couldn't possibly tell you!
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The battle for Ellie's heart: Who will win?
Will it be Will or will it be Cadan?

Personally I think it will be Will. There are many reasons.
Here are just a couple.

1) He’s been there for Ellie for 500+ years. That’s
quite awesome.

2) He is going against heaven and Michael to be with Ellie. He is going against almost everything he believes in to be
with her! That’s pretty schweet!

3) His favorite thing to eat is Root Beer Floats.
Who doesn’t love Root Beer Floats?! Well, other than odd people! I hear he gives the best Root Beer Float Kisses!

4) He is super-de-duper sweet! He would do
anything, go anywhere, and has risked his life on multiple occasions for Ellie.

5) He is best friends with Nathaniel, an awesome
book worm! J
And looks a little something like this:

6) Last but not least he looks like this in drawing form, and that’s pretty hot!

So who do you think will win?
Will it be Will? Or Cadan, the underdog? 


  1. Agreed, I'm all about Will, even though I think root beer floats are gross :)
    I read Angelfire mabye 6 months ago and loved it, but to be honest I don't even remember Cadan at all. Was he in book 1, or do I love Will so much I forgot all about him?

  2. I agree with Sam and vote Team Will, but I really don't dig root beer floats. That aside, Will is perfect for Ellie!


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