Friday, June 22, 2012

TLR Fan Feature (10): Interview with the Fan

To conclude Samantha's feature here on TLR, I got the chance to interview her and it was a whole lot of awesome!

About Samantha:

Hey y'all! My name is Samantha, but I go by Sam, or any other nickname of the name Samantha! I love my middle name way more though, which is Rose! I am currently a high school freshman. I love to read and hang out with my friends! :) I want to go into publishing, editing, or anything to do with books when I get older. My mom read to my brother and I when I was younger and I think that was where I got my love of reading!

Here are a few little facts about me:

• I read up to 4 books a week! If I can!
• I am slowly going insane... I blame my friends
• My goal is to be in yearbook by the end of next year
• I love chocolate!
• If you give me books or food, I will be your best friend. Especially if it has caramel in it.
• If you asked what my favorite book is, I couldn't possibly tell you!
Find Samantha Online: Blog | Twitter | Goodreads

TLR: In one word, describe Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked (if you’ve read it).
PC: Is that even possible? I would say a Thrill, for both of them. They just make me feel so much, no matter what they are doing! I get a thrill out of reading the adventures of Ellie and watching her develop through the book!

TLR: If you could trade places with any of the characters from the book(s), who would you choose? Why?
PC: Ellie, because she is strong and powerful. She is everything that I would want to see in myself and she fights for what she want. She still acts like a normal person and you can see yourself in her. Plus she has Will. Who wouldn’t want Will?

TLR: If you were Ellie, how would you have reacted the first time you saw a Reaper?
PC: Run and curl up in a ball somewhere. Then slowly convince myself it was a dream, and then meet Will and fall in love instantly. ;)

TLR: If you were a reaper, what color would your wings be?
PC: Purple! A dark purple though so when the light shines through them they look really pretty!

TLR: Besides swords, what other weapon would you choose to use to fight/kill reapers with?
PC: Bow and arrow. I would feel like a badass using those weapons of pure awesomeness. But I'd have to be like Hawkeye though, cause he's the original badass with a bow and arrow.

TLR: If you could possess one superpower, what would it be?
PC: The power to teleport. It would be so awesome to be able with just a thought!

This or That: Angelfire Edition

TLR: Strawberries or carrots?
PC: Strawberries!

TLR: Nathaniel or Marcus?
PC: Marcus! He's so much more awesome, even if Nathaniel is a book nerd!

TLR: Hair up or hair down?
PC: Both, depends on who I’m with, if I'm out and about its down, other than that its up!

TLR: Puerto Rico or Minnesota? 
PC: Puerto Rico ;)

TLR: Ability to be invisible or read minds?

PC: Read minds! I want to know what people really think of me.

TLR: Angelfire or Wings of the Wicked?
PC: Wings of the Wicked, it's much more action packed! :)


  1. Bow and arrow is deff the way to go. Great answer!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  2. Great interview, strawberries & hair up for me! LOL!


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