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TLR Fan Feature (14): The Battle for Ellie's Heart

CAM has stated various times that there is no love triangle in the Angelfire series. But even with that said, you can't help but root for Will and/or Cadan. So, in the battle for Ellie's heart, who do you see her ending up with? Will or Cadan? Who do you want her to end up with? Today, Nicole takes a stand on the guy she's rooting for for Ellie.

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There's the question of the battle for Ellie's heart. Apparently, Courtney Allison Moulton has said that Will and Ellie are meant to be (obviously). And that' good enough for me. I still had to consider though: Will or Cadan?

Well, I am definitely Team Will. It might not seem like it, but under that harsh, toned, muscular, sexy... wait, where was I? Oh yeah, under that impenetrable exterior that Will has is a gigantic loving soft spot for Ellie. We've gotten to see it a couple times, but if it's hard for Ellie to get him to open up, then we likely won't see more than she does. But it's so obvious how much he cares about her. He would throw his life down for her a million times over and not even give it a single thought. Cadan, I'm not so sure about.

Cadan can't even begin to compare. He hasn't been there for Ellie through all of her lives and deaths. I think she's kind of made a good guy out of a bad boy, but she will never love him like she loves Will. She might turn to him now that Will is in such peril from the end of book 2, but it won't ever be real with Cadan. Ellie knows where her heart belongs, and I think Cadan does too. He's willing to take what he can get, but again it won't be real. I love Cadan as a character; he's added a great element to the series. But he will never be with Ellie... Sorry to burst your bubble there Cadan.

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  1. I love will, but I like Cadan too. However, I think I'm team Will.

    GFC Amber Lane


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