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TLR Fan Feature (25): Interview with the Fan

Today's post features TLR's fan interview with Riv Re.

About Riv Re:

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Riv Re has been blogging about books for over two year, but she's been cracking lame jokes for a lifetime, which, if you ask anyone who's ever met her, is a lifetime too long. She enjoys avoiding her mounds of homework by writing, daydreaming faeries (she's convinced she is one), and pretending she's a real New Yorker with a Newsies accent. She passes her free time looking at pictures of Pomeranian puppies, staring into space, and researching ancient weaponry. Riv tries to be angsty, but she's just an eccentric younger teen.
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TLR: In one word, describe Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked (if you’ve read it).
RR: Mind-blowing.

TLR: If you could trade places with any of the characters from the book(s), who would you choose? Why?
RR: It would have to be Ellie. Yeah, there's the whole Preliator thing, but there's also Will. And Cadan.

TLR: What are three things you loved about Angelfire and/or Wings of the Wicked?
RR: Wings of the Wicked had this insane emotional roller coaster thing going on, which is a favorite of mine. All of the characters are put in really intense situations; they're limits are tested and then passed, making them all stronger. And the top reason: There's more Cadan.

TLR: If you were Ellie, how would you have reacted the first time you saw a Reaper?
RR: "I can call flaming swords into existence whenever I want? Look at that hilt. And the balance...Oh HAI it's a big scary thing. Sorry, could you hold on just a minute? These blades are amazing. That gut-hook! *swoon* Okay, Mr. Reaper. I'm ready to fight now, with my awesomesauce new knives."

TLR: If you went out to hunt with Will, what would your outfit look like?
RR: Saying it's a cold night, I'll have on Skechers, leggings, a short black skirt (love skirts), a t-shirt, and a hoodie (zip-up on slightly warmer nights). I'll be breaking out in a sweat soon enough.

TLR: How would you spend your life in the 500 year time span that Will waited for Ellie to reincarnate?
RR: This is easy. I'd write! And tour the world! And collect random things that I can sell for millions in a few centuries.

TLR: Besides swords, what other weapon would you choose to use to fight/kill reapers with?
RR: I'm assuming that "sword" means "all sharp metal shiny objects like daggers," so my answer is a crossbow. I like longbows better, but they'd be a pain to carry around in a hand-to-hand battle. Like, if I were to roll, a bow would make a deathly sickening (that made no sense whatsoever) crack, while I could just tuck a crossbow against my chest. I'll hit those baddies right in the neck. Or eye. Or heart. Or something.

TLR: If you had just found out that you were the Preliator, how would you have reacted?
RR: "I'm a Prelia-what-now? Like, I go to high school during the day, and fight reapers at night? I feel like Teen Batman! Fighting teachers during the day, and soaring through the streets of Gotham at night to fight crime...except my petty criminals are body-eating, soul-stealing mutated creatures of the Underworld.

TLR: If you could possess one superpower, what would it be?
RR: Definitely mind-reading. It's just so...useful.

This or That: Angelfire Edition

Slytherin Crest - slytherin PhotoTLR: Nathaniel or Marcus?
RR: Cadan.

TLR: Hair up or hair down?
RR: Up, I have terrible hair.

TLR: Green or blue?

TLR: Winter or Summer?
RR: Spring....*pause* Fine, summer.

TLR: Merodach or Kaelno?
RR: Cadan

TLR: Angelfire or Wings of the Wicked?
RR: Wings of the Wicked!


  1. Great post. I have terrible hair too so I prefer to wear mine up. I would totally rock a crossbow!!

    1. Cross bows are so epic. And insanely useful.

  2. If I went hunting with will I would ask him to leave his shirt off at all times!! Omg I love this series!! Can't wait for the next book!!!!


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