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TLR Fan Feature (22): Favorites from the Angelfire Series

Today, Riv Re is here with us again as she shares with us some of her favorites from the world of Angelfire.

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*waves* I'm back, y'all. (Sorry.)

Momo made me promise to keep my Cadan posts PG-13, even though, if my wallpaper (I'm going to leave you guessing about whether I'm talking about my room or my computer) is anything to go by, I'm a little bit obsessed with him.

Sure, Will is adorable. (Prom scene, anyone? I legit squeed.) Nathaniel is lovely. Marcus is...I can't even begin to describe him... And don't get me started on Ellie, but that girl is, suffice to say, epic.

But now I'm here to tell you all about my favorites in these two books.

Favorite character: Cadan. In case you couldn't tell by now. When Ellie first meets him, they're at a Halloween party.

You should know that I nearly swooned hunting this down. The things I do for you...
"He was wearing a white mask that concealed half his face like the Phantom of the Opera. The half of his face I could see was breathtaking. I had never seen any boy so beautiful. His pale gold hair was combed neatly back with only a few escaping wisps, and he wore a black tuxedo beneath a cape...I looked nowhere but up into his eyes, which were the most fiery opalescent hazel I had ever seen, practically inhuman. His dancing was like water, powerful and unyielding, yet fluid and smooth through every movements, like a river following its predetermined course...I wanted to take off his mask to reveal the beauty beneath. We danced until the end of the song, and still he held me to his chest, his mouth curving into a delicious smile........his fiery opal eyes capturing mine. As I stared into them, I could have sworn I saw golden flames flickering in the irises." (Angelfire, hardcover pages 290-292)
There are so many more bits and pieces on Cadan. But if I don't shut up now, I'll go on forever. The most intriguing part about him is how he is so light and yet so dark. That picture over there, of Cadan. I dressed him like that on purpose. Usually, white is associated with good, and black with bad. Cadan is a good guy, he's on Ellie's side. But he's a demonic reaper. Can he really be trusted?

Favorite Quotes: How can I pick? Okay. One from each book, one Will quote and one Cadan quote. That's what I'm restricting myself to.
“I scowled and stabbed begrudgingly at the stack before scooping up a bite with my fork, but it toppled over and plopped into my lap. I groaned and banged my head on the counter.
Mom frowned, 'You have to be smarter than the pancakes, Ellie.”
“Don’t be mad” was the first thing he said. He really was terrified, as if the most frightening reaper on the planet was no scarier than a mouse, and yet put him in a tux and it was the Apocalypse.”
“I hate... I hate when you die. It destroys me. I know i have no right to be so upset, because I'm not the one losing my life, but it breaks me apart inside. I'm not very good with words, and i dont know how to explain to you how i feel. I get lonely when you aren't with me. I miss you. And every time you die, a little piece of me dies with you.”
And, last but not least, a Cadan quote that stopped my heart.
He tilted his head at me with a silly, adorable smile. "I'll be your Valentine."
Oh Cadan, please be mine.

Favorite Scene: There are so many amazing scenes in these books, but the scene I'm picking is actually a continuation of that Cadan quote. I'm only going to post a small snippet, so you can enjoy it with the book right in your hands. (Unless you read ebooks on your computer, in which case I'll save it so you can at least have some context.)
That sly smile crept back into his sculpted lips. "I meant it when I said I'd be your date. I love parties. We first met at a party. Don't you find that oddly romantic?"
I narrowed my eyes. "Odd, yes. Romantic, no."
He frowned. "That hurts. Really."
"I'm sure you'll survive."
"Speaking of romance," he started, "are you going to tell me about this book you were so engrossed in that you barely even noticed me?"
I gave him a sidelong glance. "You really want to know?"
"I'd like to understand what captivates you," he said. "So that I may aspire to do the same."
"Would you like a little wine to go with all that cheese?" I asked.
"Would you like me better if I were gloomy and morose?" He grinned, his eyes teasing.
"I wouldn't like you very much at all if you were either of those."
He leaned back and lazily put his elbows up on the back of his 
chair. "Then what is the appeal of your Guardian? He is quite definitely gloomy and morose." 

I'd let Cadan have one point. "Don't you think morose is a little severe?"
"You must agree that is rather moody and glum."
"He's not glum."
His grin widened. "So you admit that he's gloomy and moody."
"I never said that."
"But you don't deny it."
I exhaled in annoyance. "You're obnoxious."
"But at least I'm not morose."
"Will isn't morose."
"Tell me about the book you're reading."
I blinked in surprise. Was he serious? He sat beaming with self-satisfaction. Playing games with my head was apparently hilarious. He was insufferable.
I stared at him. He was serious. "Okay then." (Wings of the Wicked, hardcover pages 131-132)
I'm dying here. And I'm going to sign off before I swoon.



  1. Love your post, but seriously the only thing that I can see right now is Cadan. I looovvveee Wellie. They're adorable together. Plus, it leaves Cadan free. I want him for myself ;)

    1. *draws Khopesh swords* You will not have my Cadan. *scary glare*

  2. Great post! Cadan sounds very swoon worthy.


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