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TLR Fan Feature (24): Theories About Shadows in the Silence

Today's post is all about Shadows in the Silence, the final book to the Angelfire series. Riv Re shares with us what she thinks of the cover and the title.

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Hey y'all,

I'm back, as you can seen. I've got you trapped here for another day! *cackles*  And now I get to totally fangirl over this cover in front of all of you, and no one can stop me except Momo!! *cackles* *cackles* *cough* *hack*

Ahem. I'm better now. I mean, I can't choke before I get to this cover, it's too cool!


The Shadows in the Silence cover? Absolutely EPIC. (I warned you that I say "epic" a lot.)

First, a refresher of the first two covers:

Angelfire (Angelfire, #1)Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire, #2)

And now....

Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire, #3)

Absolutely gorgeous, right?

So. Onto my thoughts, very neatly and efficiently organized with bullet points and hysterical rambles commentary:
  • The clothes. I'm a girl, so some sort of social stigma or something says that the first thing I have to comment on is Ellie's outfit. But, just this once, I will bow down to societal conformism (yes, that's a word, I Googled it!) because that shirt is so cute and American Apparel told me that if I advertised that top and those boots (those boots!!) they'd give me a gift card. (Wait. I wasn't supposed to tell the readers about that? It's not payment, it's just a "gift"? Oh, whoops! Forget all about that, readership!)
  • The sword. Because I'm a sword kind of girl. Ellie's Khopesh have been captivating me for two books now, and supposedly they're in the HarperCollins building in Manhattan right now. (I asked Courtney if I could break in and steal them--maybe nab a Crown of Embers ARC on my way out--but supposedly, and I quote, that place "is built like Fort Knox.")
  • The color. My favorite color is green. (And yes, the Sorting Hat does sort you according to favorite color. My favorite color used to be blue, and I had myself convinced I was a Ravenclaw. But then my allegiance switched to green, and guess where the Pottermore sorting hat put me? Yup, SLYTHERIN! And yeah, we're epic.)
  • The text. I absolutely loathe when fonts change between books. But these all match perfectly! I love the little thingy-thingy over all the i's.
  • The scenery. Because who doesn't love the woods?*
  • The stance. Ladies and gents, we have a female model on the cover in a full-body shot, and she is NOT displaying her assets! (except for that gorgeous hair.) WIN!
  • The only flaw. Yes, this cover has one tiny flaw, something you wouldn't really notice at first, because you're overwhelmed by the epicosity. But, although I love that the model is facing forward-ish, I don't like the face so much. I loved the obscurity of Ellie, picturing her in my mind, having those side-views on the first two books. BUT, the #sadness is still outweighed by the #epicness.
  • The flaps. Yeah, I know you can't see them on this picture, but Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked both had these absolutely epic side flaps (or whatever they're called). They were a gorgeous grey and blue, and they looked like wings. And I'm going to assume that we're going to have beautiful dark green wings here as well. And, well, I'm psyched for that tiny little detail.
And now, let's see all three covers next to each other!

Angelfire (Angelfire, #1)Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire, #2)Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire, #3)

I think I just died.


*okay, so some people don't love the woods so much, and there are things majorly wrong with them.


  1. I really like this cover too. Although I have to say my favorite one is Wings of the Wicked. I like blue on book covers and I tend to like darker covers for some reason, but all of the covers for this series are fabulous!!

  2. I'm definitely wondering about the forest scenery...very different from the first 2. And I agree, I liked having part of Ellie's face hidden, it made her so much more mysterious and fierce.

  3. Good Lord, I hope the Powers That Be pick this trilogy up soon for the next Hollywood " Big Thing"


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