Wednesday, July 4, 2012

TLR Fan Feature (18): The Battle for Ellie's Heart

CAM has stated various times that there is no love triangle in the Angelfire series. But even with that said, you can't help but root for Will and/or Cadan. So, in the battle for Ellie's heart, who do you see her ending up with? Will or Cadan? Who do you want her to end up with? Today, Gianna takes a stand on the guy she's rooting for for Ellie.

About Gianna:

-Many of you know me as Gianna around the blogosphere, but that's actually not my real name.
Odd, right? I have a name much much similar to Gianna, but I figured to change it around just for fun. So yes, Gianna is an alias. And now, that you're wondering, my real name is actually Gianne (gee-yan).
-I seriously love books. Well, currently, the YA genre. I'm a lover of fantasy and all its sub-genres. (YA high fantasy? SIGN ME UP!) I also adore mythology of any kinds.
-I love cats so much that I blog about it. Well, I do blog about cats on Tumblr but that's not entirely what my Tumblr is about.
-Anime is my druuug. I'm addicted to anime, and I don't think I can stop it! If you like anime too, we'll be instantly good friends. (Not that we wouldn't be good friends if you didn't like anime.) If you WANT to get started in anime, ask me for some recommendations! I love giving anime recs to people.
-I'm a Twitter freak.
-I'm actually super shy in real life, but once I start talking, I don't stop!
-I'm a teenager. (LE GASP!)
-I LOVE making new friends, especially on Twitter and IRL (in real life).
-I'm currently aspiring to be an author. I'm in the middle of writing something for the YA genre.
-I really like playing Pokemon.
-I'm a Virgo, guys! :) (My birthday is in September.)
-I'm Asian. *-*

Um, well, I've run out of things to say. ._.
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 Will versus Cadan: The Battle for Ellie's Heart

 I AM TEAM WILL all the way, baby! I will admit, Cadan is definitely swoon worthy, but Will beats him by a mile! Does anyone realize how awesome he is?

Why Will Just Wins:

A) Dick moves is not in his arsenal for making Ellie swoon over him.

Okay, well, I think he makes Ellie swoon over him naturally since he is just that good, but not once have I seen him play any jerk moves to Ellie. He's definitely not hot and cold like the usual set of male love interests and their bipolar ways. Even if he is cold to Ellie, he always has a reason and it is always legitimate.

B) Despite the many layers of wanting to just please Ellie like any cute puppy would, there's an underlying sexy beast inside of Will (Oh my God, this sounds so dirty but I swear, no pun intended) and this boy knows HOW TO KISS.

Will is just freakin' seductive when he wants to be. You need proof? Read Wings of the Wicked and check out that kitchen scene with Ellie and him. Caution: major steamy time awaits you! I recommend you bring a fan, it's going to get hot!

C) Wouldn't you want a man who would go out of his way to make you happy?

Well, honey please, going out of his way to ensure Ellie's safety and happiness is his job and his life. Talk about dedicated! <3

I hope those three reasons convince you to be on Team Will just as much as they have convinced me! ♥

Momo here! Normally, I wouldn't step in to interrupt an already super awesome post, but I just wanted to say really quick, before I ruin Gianna's fab post:

Happy Independence Day
To you and yours from The Little Reapers 


  1. Will sounds incredibly awesome!!

  2. I'm a new fan. I'm sure my students will love The Angelfire series. I can't wait to share it with them!


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