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TLR Fan Feature (17): Favorites from the Angelfire Series

Today, Gianna is here with us again as she shares with us some of her favorites from the world of Angelfire.

About Gianna:

-Many of you know me as Gianna around the blogosphere, but that's actually not my real name.
Odd, right? I have a name much much similar to Gianna, but I figured to change it around just for fun. So yes, Gianna is an alias. And now, that you're wondering, my real name is actually Gianne (gee-yan).
-I seriously love books. Well, currently, the YA genre. I'm a lover of fantasy and all its sub-genres. (YA high fantasy? SIGN ME UP!) I also adore mythology of any kinds.
-I love cats so much that I blog about it. Well, I do blog about cats on Tumblr but that's not entirely what my Tumblr is about.
-Anime is my druuug. I'm addicted to anime, and I don't think I can stop it! If you like anime too, we'll be instantly good friends. (Not that we wouldn't be good friends if you didn't like anime.) If you WANT to get started in anime, ask me for some recommendations! I love giving anime recs to people.
-I'm a Twitter freak.
-I'm actually super shy in real life, but once I start talking, I don't stop!
-I'm a teenager. (LE GASP!)
-I LOVE making new friends, especially on Twitter and IRL (in real life).
-I'm currently aspiring to be an author. I'm in the middle of writing something for the YA genre.
-I really like playing Pokemon.
-I'm a Virgo, guys! :) (My birthday is in September.)
-I'm Asian. *-*

Um, well, I've run out of things to say. ._.
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Favorites of the Angelfire Series

Okay, so, the Angelfire series is probably one of my favorite series of all time. So, naturally, I have favorites of my own from this series!


Okay, shit, well this is most definitely a tough cookie. I have so many favorite characters, it's ridiculous! Cadan, Will, Nathaniel, Ellie, and many more. I'm even digging Marcus. Goodness me.

Just barely, I think Will takes the cake though. Seriously, with all due respect, all the men in the Angelfire series don't come close to Will's awesomeness. He's just the best! The way he's so fiercely protective of Ellie, how gentle and understanding he is with her, how he can kick BUTT, and all those swoon-worthy lines he says to Ellie? This boy is dripping with so much sweetness, he'll give anybody a cavity!


In Angelfire, the scene that'd have to take the cake would be... none. Why none? Because there's too many to name! Being the romance fanatic that I am, I adored all of the Will x Ellie scenes. Here's a few quotes that got my heart racing (and made me laugh):
“His fingers traced the curve of my shoulder softly, as his gaze fell. I gasped sharply. If he tried to kiss me, I'd slap the crap out of him. Bond or no bond.”
Romantic tension is just OOZING in that scene! I love how Ellie didn't let her emotions take over her logical thinking.
“Ellie, you need to understand," he said softly. "I exist only to serve you and fight by your side. Whether that fighting is to preserve your life or to make sure you smile, that is what I am built to do. You're all I have, and I will watch over you forever.” 
Aww, Will! You make me swoon for you! ♥
“He reached forward to cup my cheek, the touch surprising me. 'Please understand that no matter what I am or what has happened in the past, I am yours. I am devoted to you above all else, including my own life.'

I exhaled after holding my breath for what felt like forever. 'That's pretty heavy, Will.'

His expression was impassioned, and the backs of his fingers brushed the side of my neck.

"It is a burden I am glad to carry.” 
Will is just like a puppy. An adorable, really sexy puppy. Ew, wait, puppies aren't sexy. Scratch what I just said, he's just adorable. ♥

Okay, just wow. I practically should have just devoted this whole post to Will. BUUUUT, what can I say? He's just that awesome. And before I leave, here's a really badass picture of Will and Ellie.

Will's and Ellie's weapons! ♥

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  1. Will is the best. He's sooo sweet and sooo honest and protective of Ellie. Ellie is lucky to have him. Though I also have to give Cadan some props. He is so strong and determined to show how much he cares about Ellie, its heartbreaking. I love them both.


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