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TLR Fan Feature (20): Interview with the Fan

Today's post features TLR's fan interview with Gianna.

About Gianna:

-Many of you know me as Gianna around the blogosphere, but that's actually not my real name.
Odd, right? I have a name much much similar to Gianna, but I figured to change it around just for fun. So yes, Gianna is an alias. And now, that you're wondering, my real name is actually Gianne (gee-yan).
-I seriously love books. Well, currently, the YA genre. I'm a lover of fantasy and all its sub-genres. (YA high fantasy? SIGN ME UP!) I also adore mythology of any kinds.
-I love cats so much that I blog about it. Well, I do blog about cats on Tumblr but that's not entirely what my Tumblr is about.
-Anime is my druuug. I'm addicted to anime, and I don't think I can stop it! If you like anime too, we'll be instantly good friends. (Not that we wouldn't be good friends if you didn't like anime.) If you WANT to get started in anime, ask me for some recommendations! I love giving anime recs to people.
-I'm a Twitter freak.
-I'm actually super shy in real life, but once I start talking, I don't stop!
-I'm a teenager. (LE GASP!)
-I LOVE making new friends, especially on Twitter and IRL (in real life).
-I'm currently aspiring to be an author. I'm in the middle of writing something for the YA genre.
-I really like playing Pokemon.
-I'm a Virgo, guys! :) (My birthday is in September.)
-I'm Asian. *-*

Um, well, I've run out of things to say. ._.
Find Gianna Online: Blog | Goodreads | Twitter

TLR: In one word, describe Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked (if you’ve read it).
BtIaB: Amazeballs.

TLR: If you could trade places with any of the characters from the book(s), who would you choose? Why?
BtIaB: Um, obviously, Ellie! She’s a butt kicking heroine who has one insanely adorable and smexy guardian named Will. ♥

TLR: What did you think of Courtney Allison Moulton’s (CAM) twist on the angel mythology?
BtIaB: Can you say UNIIIQUE? The twist on this angel mythology is the bombskies! It’s a completely refreshing, different take on angels and demons. I can’t get enough of it! (In fact, I think Moulton should write a book solely devoted to explaining her awesome take on the angel mythology. That and a book on hot Will x Ellie scenes.)

TLR: What are three things you loved about Angelfire and/or Wings of the Wicked?
BtIaB: Will. Will. Will. Will. (Both Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked.) Oh my goodness. This guy right here is just near perfection. I’m in love with him! ♥ (Sorry, Ellie…)
- The smexy times in Wings of the Wicked. Like seriously, they made Angelfire’s romantic scenes look like a G-Rated Disney movie. (Angelfire had those cutesy, sweet romantic scenes that made me swoon.)
- THE TWISTS AND THOSE HEARTBREAKING SCENES. Goodness gracious. I felt like my heart was going to stop at any moment from those twists. It totally threw me in for a surprise. If that wasn’t enough, Moulton practically stomped on my heart and then proceeded to burn it with a flamethrower during those emotional scenes. The tears would just not STOP.

TLR: What do you think of Bastian?
BtIaB: I think there was more to him than meets the eye, but perhaps that was just me. He still sucks major butt, especially with all the things he did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he kicked kittens for fun.

This or That: Angelfire Edition

TLR: Strawberries or carrots?
BtIaB: Strawberries for sure!

TLR: Nathaniel or Marcus?
BtIaB: I think Nathaniel and I would get along a lot better, but Marcus seems to be calling my name…

TLR: Tennis shoes or sandals?
BtIaB: Sandals!

TLR: Hair up or hair down?
BtIaB: Down.

TLR: Lake or ocean?
BtIaB: The lake.

TLR: Ability to be invisible or read minds?
BtIaB: Tough one. It’d probably be…reading minds!

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