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TLR Fan Feature (23): Movie Cast for the Angelfire Series

Today, Riv Re is here with us again as she shares with us who she thinks the perfect actors and actresses are to play CAM's characters if the Angelfire series ever became a movie!

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Yeah, Angelfire isn't being optioned for a movie. Yet.

But I take every opportunity open to me to stare at pictures of hot actors, so behold my dream cast if Angelfire would be turned into a movie. Yeah, they'd all need weird green contacts so we could CGI their irises and make them blaze prettily.

BUT, I risked swooning. All for YOU. Yes, YOU. No, not you, YOU. So you should be thanking me for putting my health at risk (that's not grammatically correct, is it?) for you all. And I did swoon a few times.


Warning: I have minimal knowledge of young, talented actresses. I mean, the first person that comes to mind is Jennifer Lawrence, the second is Kristin Stewart (and for her I need to stretch the definition of "actress"). Yeah, I don't watch nearly enough movies or TV. Mostly, I stick to my British cinema. (If I could, I'd be casting Benedict Cumberbatch somewhere in this. And DAVID TENNANT. *swoon* But, no, too British.)

So. Onto it!

To embarrass myself, I will go with the obvious. This actress is absolutely adorable, kick-butt and talented. I don't doubt her ability to mimic Ellie's playfulness. Also, she's already pretty good at survival and when she dyes her hair it's nearly impossible to recognize her. (I vaguely remember Regis of "and Kelly" fame calling her a chameleon because of her hair. I really want a chameleon. They're so epic, but they cost, like, 100 bucks.)

Yeah, it's Jennifer Lawrence. Seriously, imagine that girl with red hair. Perfection.

Darn you, Ian. Are you
trying to stop my heart?
Reaper, vampire, same thing. They live a long time, are super hot, have eyes that darken randomly, and are creepily interested in girls centuries younger than them. (Marcus, I'm looking at you!) There are just some minor differences. For example, vampires sparkle in the sunlight, and reapers sparkle all the time, especially when they're about to kill you. Vampires can get hurt by fire, but reapers are supercool and can only get [permanently] injured by angel- or demon-fire. There's also the whole blood thing, but we're not even going to bother getting into that. Reapers are clearly superior, seeing as they're incredibly epic. But there might be some strange people out there who are still on the fence, and there's only one way to prove the epicosity of reapers. And no, Will is NOT a Hufflepuff*. Ian Somerhalder's most famous portrayal is definitely a Slytherin.

That stare. That spiffy outfit.
That voice.
Will and Cadan were by far the hardest to cast. I spent hours pouring over swoon-worthy young actors to find the perfect cast. So refer to the above .gif, because you're welcome. I spent so long on Cadan because I love him, and whoever I pick is half the face of Team Rivdan. I couldn't find any beautiful actors, because people just prefer handsome and "hot." BUT, I was able to find the next best thing for Cadan--the voice. Cadan has that silky voice that makes me swoon hard. And who can do the swoon-voice better than Ed Westwick? No one, that's who.

See! Someone agrees with me!
When I went looking for Nathaniel, I saw this actor and stopped. He's absolutely perfect. He's usually in more comedic movies, but it's not super-bad if I cast him in this slightly darker one, right? You know who it is. And as soon as I say his name, you're all going to jump up and down, because there's no better Nathaniel than Michael Cera.

"Alright. I didn't want to
have to do this, but you
leave me no choice.
Here comes the smolder.
I don't actually remember much about Bastian. All I know is that I would cast the most epic man in the entire universe. Seriously, this dude trash-talked his beard on Youtube. He makes me swoon. Hunting down that link, I rewatched the video, slowly dying as I did. He made me love him, even though his character was ebil. Wes Bentley, BE MINE.

~Jensen!~ - jensen-ackles PhotoMARCUS
There was not a shadow of a doubt in my mind as to who should play Marcus. He was the first person I cast. I'll give you a hint. He's got a goofy smile, is adorable, and he already has experience killing should we say this?...the supernatural.

Jensen Ackles is 102% Marcus.

For dear old dad, we all know that this actor has a temper to match Mr. Monroe. He could pull off the most adorable, swoon-worthy, New York accent when he musical'ed in the 90s, and he flew around wearing little bat ears for a while, but he's free now.

And Mommy has experience playing supportive side character. She was super-helpful from the late 90's to the early 2000's, taking on beasties as a slayer.

You guessed it! Chistian Bale and Alyson Hannigan. AND they're the same age, which makes up for the major creep factor of Jennifer Lawrence and Ian Somerhalder. Christian is only two months older than Alyson.

I'm not big on this stuff, but Joss Whedon. That's all I'm going to say. Just: Joss Whedon.

Wow. This post took an obscenely long time. I've spent hours researching (really! research, I promise! Having  Google images open with "Jensen Ackles shirtless" was an important part of the process!) these people.


*Scratch that. Will is totally a Hufflepuff. But his actor isn't. Mmm, I love me my Slytherins.


  1. I agree with every person you picked to play the those characters if Angelfire every became a movie.

  2. Hm...I like it! I LOVE Ian but I always pictured Will as looking younger. Like Aaron Johnson. And I actually pictured Molly Quinn for the part of Ellie. But I like your choices!

  3. Hahaha the one for Bastian is peefect just shave the beard off, Nathanial's is absoloutly awesome cuz I ♥ nerds. Lol. I think maybe Cadan's hair should be lighter and curlier and blonder.

  4. I'm not sure I agree with the first 4 people you picked...I think some other people would be better.

  5. Okay so I think
    For Ellie: Molly C. Quinn
    For Will: Luke Mitchell (I've ALWAYS pictured Will as Luke, idk why)
    For Kate: Danielle Campbell
    For Nathaniel: Robert Sheehan
    For Cadan: Ed Westwick
    For Bastian: Matt Bomer
    For Lilith: Julianne Moore
    For Samuel: Matt Dallas
    For Marcus: Taylor Lautner
    For Lauren: Constance Wu

    Yes yes anyone?


Thank you oh so very much for your comment. :)